Solo Travel Tips and Tricks to Save Money – Budgeting Travel:

Travel budgeting should be a big part if you travel solo. So what you read in below article will make you:
1) Save Money on Your Solo Trip
2) Makes you a more organized Solo Traveler.

Table of Content:
 How to decide your Destination
 Planning Solo Travel Trip
 How to budget
 Saving money when traveling alone.

1) How to decide your Destination:

It’s very hard and tough to decide your destination when travelling alone.

Check the pricing of the destinations you have chosen to travel. If you don’t have a specific destination in
mind for your solo trip, check and get help from tools like, or These
tools help you decide which destination to travel to based on the price of that particular destination.

Now, you can keep this in mind while choosing your destination for Solo Trip.

2) Solo travel starts with budgeting.

You’ll have to do most of the planning yourself when you’re traveling solo.
So, once you have made a plan and decided your travel destination; it’s time to do some budgeting and
plan your Solo Trip.

The biggest costs in solo travel — as in any other kind of travel — are the following:
 Transport
 Accommodation
 Food and drinks
You can pick a budget hotel or dorm room if you start looking a bit in advance. You can also check the flight
aggregator website to find cheap flights if you book at the right time. As per my experience in the travel
field, book at least 3 -4 months prior to your travel. Also, you can do some research to find budget
restaurants near your accommodation. Alternatively, you can book a hostel or budget apartment with
a kitchen and also look into nearby grocery stores. You can also check for city passes available to visit any
attraction and check whether the same pass is used for public transport.

3) How to Budget

Now comes the actual time when solo travelers have to take care of their expenses. A great way solo
travel budgeting is to track your expense while you are traveling. Use a free budget planning app like
Mint or an app like Pocketguard to track your expense.
This should give you a good idea of which categories you usually spend the most money on. Looking
at your past expenses is a great way to identify unhealthy spending behavior.
So, see it’s easier than you think 🙂

4) Saving money when travelling alone.

You can save lots of money by budgeting your Solo Trip when you are in the planning stage.
So here are more different ways to spend less money when travel solo.
 Travel during shoulder season (i.e. just before or after the high season) to find better prices on
flights and accommodation.
 Be flexible on your destination.
 Consider booking separate one-way flights instead of round-fare flights.
 Keep an eye on the economy. Find destinations with favorable exchange rates and a low cost of
living to make your money go further.
 Team up with fellow solo travelers to reduce costs. Use solo travel apps like Eatwith and
Solotraveller to meet new friends.
 Check if your hostel organizes any free or cheap activities for its customers.
 Travel carry-on only to avoid paying extra baggage fees, if possible.
So you see it’s easier than you would think, Right?
The truth is Solo Travel budgeting is something anybody can do with proper planning and preparation.
And now Give yourself a pat on back. YES… you did it 🙂

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  3. Hi Ravi,

    Awesome tips brother.

    We are sitting on the beach in Panama now, doing a house sit. House sitting rocks for travelers because you save money on rent and have fun caring for pets. My wife and I rent spots but also house sit often because we save money and travel to places we never pondered, sans seeing the sit arise.


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